Silentish Saturday!!! | The Hungry Runner Girl

Planned to do 8 miles but stopped at 7 miles and walked the last mile.

Loved listening to this during the run!

IMG 7906

Knox made Skye a card with a picture of fireworks and an American Flag (her two favorite things right now) before he left.

IMG 7912

Hammocks feel like heaven during pregnancy for me.

IMG 7916

When your sister is out of town and she was sad about missing the cereal sale at your grocery store, you go and hook her up with the good stuff;)

IMG 7915

My mom brought me the most beautiful lunch.

IMG 7918

These chips never make it to 24 hours without being completely gone in our home.

IMG 7929

Lots of food pictures today… Pink Sauce Pasta for dinner.  Brooke said, “I don’t like this, I LOVE this.”  It was a success.

IMG 7931

So were the artichokes cooked in the instant pot.

IMG 7932

Love these smiles.

IMG 7928

They insisted on these pjs even though it was 103 degrees yesterday.

IMG 7934

I did a few squats and now legs will be sore for 3 days.

IMG 7935

Today is the Timp 1/2 Marathon and I’m slightly missing be there so I’ll do a flashback photo from last year instead:). Raise your hand if you miss racing!

IMG 5917


Tell me 3 things that you have going on today!

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